About Us

For over 30+ years TEW has been widely recognised as a market leader for design, manufacture and installation of control and information systems to a wide variety of businesses:

  • Petro Chem  -  Oil and Gas
  • Transportation  -  Rail and Road
  • Utilities  -  Power, Gas and Water
  • Building Management  -  Fire and Security

This success has been generated through forming long term relationships with clients, gaining an in depth understanding of their respective markets and developing a portfolio of products and services specifically designed to fulfill their business organisation and performance expectations.

Working with Consultants, System Integrators and End Users, TEW has provided many 24 / 7 Plant and Controlrooms with Control / Signalling Operator Consoles / Workstations and Overview displays, ensuring and assisting in the safe operation of plants and operations worldwide.

Following the aquisition and integration of Industrial Automation Ltd (IA), TEW now have business expertise in a further 3 distinct market sectors:


  • Automotive
  • Food and Beverage
  • Handling and Logistics

Like TEW's philosophy, the team of engineers at Industrial Automation have built long term relationships within these business sectors providing innovative automation machinery and automated production systems to customers worldwide.

TEW has offices and production facilities in Germany and the UK and has expanded it's operations to Australia with offices in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Melbourne and Perth.