SM24 Mosaic Mimic System

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The Subklew SM24 system is the latest generation "intelligent" mosaic mimic system, the culmination of over 30 years of continuous development.  It provides a modular graphic display or a control facia to clients' individual needs, providing everything from a standard 19" rack facia, operator control console or desk/control panel section, to a complete free standing area of a control room wall.

Although often thought of as 'old technology', mosaic mimics today still provide the best cost effective solution for many 24 / 7 process control and visualization applications.   They are well proven, hence providing a secure and robust engineered solution, giving total confidence to plant and controlroom operators in safety critical environments, additionally, with minimal routine maintenance required, disruption to the operation together with lifetime ownership costs are kept to a minimum.  

The system provides indication, switch / pushbutton modules, and distributed I/O modules with connection plugs and sockets.  When the system incorporates the MNet Mimic Driver, the solution simply becomes a two wire connection (power/signal) providing quick and simple site installatin as if it were a screen. 

A key benefit of the system is the ease of future modification.  Devices may be added or removed to the demands of the user, with the mosaic always maintaining a high quality appearance which shows no visible history of modification.

TEW provide engineering support and ongoing technical development to an "international network of strategic partners" hence achieving worldwide availability and support of the system.

Additionally clients benefit from a   programme of lifetime support that ensures their installation can be modified, extended or upgraded in line with their changing operational requirements.


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