Free Standing Mosaic Structures

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Grid matrix assemblies may be constructed upon floor standing frames manufactured utilising the Subklew aluminium construction system.  The frames formed from extruded aluminium sections may be built in sections of uniform or varying width, which may then be positioned together to form an overall continuous support structure.

Each section provides facilities for lifting, bolting down to a floor, levelling and alignment to adjacent sections.

The assembly of overall structures ranging from typically 1 metre wide x 2 metres high, to 12 or more metres wide x 3 or 4 metres high is possible, sectionalised for ease of handling and speed of erection once at site.

The final assembly is structurally totally self-supporting.  In addition it is capable of supporting Rear Projection Units for dynamic information, large case instruments, LCD, TFT's, and Plasma Screens which may require mounting within the assembly.

For large control room mimic diagrams the structures may be constructed by utilising single curved grids to provide curvature of the mimic diagram for improved viewing by control room operatives seated at centralised control desks.

Supporting Frame

Consisting of aluminium system profiles fastened together with corner and T-connectors.   Offers maximum flexibility for ease of modification.  No welding or drilling required.


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