M-Net Mimic Driver System

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The principal of the M-Net mimic driver system is to "Plug in" a complete mosaic mimic panel assembly in at site with just 2 cables, as if it were a computer screen.

  • Cost effective
  • Modular - easy system integration
  • Various industrial protocols
  • Integrated cable management
  • Installation and test software
  • Simple connectivity for mosaic
  • Network LEDs, switches and instruments
  • In-built mosaic functionality, e.g. lamp test
  • Synchronisation of flashing
  • Comms failure alarm
  • Compatible with M-Net instrument tiles

LEDs or LED modules - connect to the M-Net LED driver node using standard plug and cable sets.  These cables can provide either single or multi-function/colour LED connections.

M-Net instrument tiles - plug into an M-Net instrument node which, for serial data, replaces the usual M-Net analogue signal conditioning module.

Simple instruments, such as moving coil meters, can be connected to local M-Net analogue instrument nodes.  Each can operate up to 4 simple instruments.

Switch contacts - connect either to the 8 inputs of each M-Net LED driver or to separate input modules.

The standard communication protocol is Modbus RTU, but overall solutions interfacing to other PLC and fieldbus protocols such as Profibus can be provided.


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