The Tiled Facia

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The tiles are manufactured from Makrolon polycarbonate, moulded and fully dyed to provide a tile which

  • has a non-reflective surface
  • is non-flammable/self-extinguishing
  • is anti-static
  • is non-toxic
  •  is halogen free (*)

and is colour stable to one of the standard background tile shades available in:

RAL 7035           light grey
RAL 6019           light pale green
RAL 7016           anthracite
RAL 1015           beige
                           opal translucent white (for rear illumination of full tile area)

The consistency of these standard background tile shades alleviate the possibility of a 'chequered board' effect brought about as a result of the fitting of new or modified tiles at a later date.

Each 24mm square tile incorporates 4 legs designed to clip securely to the grid, whilst providing limited float to facilitate accurate alignment and allowing for expansion/contraction during changes of ambient temperature. A slightly bevelled edge is provided to minimise the ingress of dirt between the tile edges.

The tile is not a 'plate', but has a body depth of 15mm. This is important for the control and indication features of the system, and also provides for the flush mounting of instruments and meters, with bezels of up to 15mm deep, so that the graphic display does not become visually dominated by the presence of instruments.

In addition to the basic 24mm square tile, the system offers tiles 48mm square and 48mm x 24mm, plain or simulated. Simulated tiles are moulded to give the appearance of a multiple of 24mm square tiles and may be used, for instance, where large barrel switches or industrial pattern pushbuttons need to be accommodated. For special tiles, where plenty of functionality like pushbuttons and LEDs have to be accommodated in a restricted space, the Subklew SMF48x24 and SMF48x48 Functional Tile System is available.

No special mounting tiles or frames are necessary when mounting normal DIN standard instruments. A range of instruments for analogue or industrial protocol input are easily mounted without any cut out in the grid.

Tiles are removable from the front without need for rear access, by using a simple extraction tool, which causes no damage to the tile or to the features painted on the tile.

No gaps are visible between adjacent tiles, or tiles and the outer aluminium frame.

(*) The Makrolon-type 6265 is supplied with minor quantities of ingredients for fire protection.


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